If you didn’t pay attention to Varys during the Purple Wedding you seriously missed out



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Carlos Fonnegra is quickly becoming my favorite character on Continuum, and here’s why:

It’s hard to identify with Kiera, because she has yet to acknowledge the fact that the future she came from was a nightmarish dystopian hellscape and that Liber8’s message is actually a good one

And it’s hard to identify with Liber8, because despite the fact that they have a really good message, they’re still taking hostages and murdering people and blowing up buildings with innocent people inside

Carlos, however, fully acknowledges that Kiera’s 2077 is a nightmarish dystopian hellscape, but condemns the methods used by Liber8 to fulfill their incredibly righteous cause

Like, he’s literally the only person on the show who seems to recognize that the future needs to be changed and can still be done without murdering anyone